Make The Little Old Lady


You Will Need:

An oatmeal container

Construction paper in your choice of colors

Gray Yarn

A 2 inch styrofoam ball



A ruler

A tape measure - you may want to double check dimensions on your container


Step One - Take the top off your oatmeal container. Save it for later. Cut a rectangle from construction paper 13 inches long and 2 and 1/4 inches wide for the face. Glue this around the top of the oatmeal container. Be sparing with the glue. Cut another rectangle from construction paper 13 inches long and 4 and 1/2 inches wide for the dress. Glue this around the bottom of the oatmeal container.


Step Two - Cut two rectangles 4 inches long and 3 inches wide out of construction paper for the arms. Roll the rectangles into tubes and glue the edges together. Flatten the tubes. Cut two hands out of construction paper. Glue the hands to the arms. Glue the arms to the little old lady.


Step Three - Put the lid back on the container. (If you have an cardboard oatmeal lid with an edge, you will want to cover the edge with some yarn before putting it back on the container. If you have a plastic lid, just leave it as is.)


Step Five - Glue yarn in circles to the top of the container to make some hair. Cover the styrofoam ball with yarn in the same fashion as making a ball of yarn. Secure the end of the yarn with a dab of glue. Glue this to the top of the hair to make a bun.


Step Six - Make a face for your little old lady using construction paper for eyes, mouth, and noise. Cut a hole in the center of the mouth. Make your hole big enough that the paper animals can fit through it.


Step Seven - As you read/sing the story/song about The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly, you can put the paper animals into the little old lady's mouth. Enjoy!


Some Notes - Very young children may need an adult to measure and cut out the parts to this project and then they can do the gluing and decorating.

You may want to add personal touches to your little old lady like wire glasses and an apron.


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