What Is Bry-Back Manor And What Does It Have To Do With Miniatures?

Nothing at all really.

I started Bry-Back Manor (a combination name of my ex and myself and what we called our home) in 1996 when the web was young and new and much less commercial than today.

I have a daughter with Down Syndrome and made her some simple Hypercard games that she enjoyed and could use with minimal mouse skills. I thought it would be fun to share these games with other folks via this new fangled internet thing and Bry-Back Manor progressed from there into basically what it is today – lots of Activity Pages, Craft Ideas, Clip art, and so on, all with the education of young children and children with special needs in mind.

Time passed, as it does, and both my cherubs are out on their own. My interests have changed from the mom days to other things. Rather than shut down Bry-Back Manor altogether, I just updated with a blog that reflects more of what I do today.  And so here I am blogging about construction, and gardening, and cooking, and miniatures.



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