It’s A Kitchen – Part Two

September 24th, 2013

I almost have a new functioning kitchen!

Why is this taking so long? Well, the truth of the matter is that we are slow. And there have many side trips while waiting for the counter tops to be put in place. I decontructed the dining room area and constructed the bathroom. And we are doing all the work ourselves – staining cabinets, etc.

So here is what we have so far:


Did you notice the pantry? Another side trip. And it is getting filled up already!

I even built myself a little bookcase for cookbooks. (Sorry, the picture is a little fuzzy – oops!)

And I got in a little creativity with my bathroom window which is decorated with Gallery Glass.

It’s almost like decorating a dollhouse, but bigger!

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It’s A Kitchen!

July 22nd, 2013

I am a terrible blogger. I admit it. So there.

My husband and I have been devoting all of our days to revamping the future home in some hope that we might get moved in at the end of the Summer. One goal for the move is to have a functioning kitchen.

So far we have taken the kitchen from this:

To this:

A functioning bathroom is also in the works. Sorry, no pictures yet.

My days have been filled with construction, but I want to acknowledge the passing of one of the guys in my life. RIP Oliver who lived to a ripe old age. In his prime, he was “in charge” and a complete rapscallion. He will be missed.

Oliver In His Prime


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Gardening With Mini Furniture, Printables, and More

June 11th, 2013

I’ve been gardening up a storm, lately, working up slowly to my edible landscape vision. I found these child size furniture pieces and thought they would add a bit of whimsy doubling as pot holders in my mini garden.

Of course, I had to have some “scare cats” for my small plot of corn.

I can’t wait to get this space terraced so that I can expand through out the entire yard!

How about another printable? Some so very seventies wallpaper. Be sure to click to save the full size image.

I’ve added my link on Jazzi’s Mini Link Party!

And, of course it’s Monday, so why not some Menu Plan Monday?

Sadly, my fridge is on the fritz, so we are literally eating out of the freezer (which, oddly enough, is working just fine.) On the menu will be:

Frozen Lasagna
Grillers/Fries/Onion Rings
Frozen Mac and Cheese
Frozen Lentil Soup
And, frankly, whatever else comes to mind until the fridge is repaired.

Have a great week!


P.S. This is a bit embarassing and I’m surprised no one called me on it. Apparently, my last post about avocado plants contained an error. I have have two chestnut trees in the making and one avocado. The chestnuts completely fooled me. The seeds are large and I thought they were avocados. Dern those squirrels!

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Menu Plan Monday, Avocados, and Cicadas

May 20th, 2013

Menu Plan Monday!

This week we will be eating:

Cajun Style Red Beans and Rice
Baked Tofu in Barbeque Sauce w/ Mashed Potatoes

I also made some vegan chocolate chip bars. These were going to be regular chocolate chip bars, but I put them in the oven right before Call the Midwife last night. Big mistake. Don’t bake during a good tv drama. So that left me with not enough eggs for bars and tempura, hence vegan chocolate chip bars.

Growing season is on us and that always gets me excited about fresh herbs and other garden goodies. This year I was surprised to see that three avocado seeds I had stuck in random pot actually sprouted! Now I need to find out if I can get avocados from them. (Maybe that’s too ambitious for Virginia.)

So much for the quiet of country life. Do you have any of these guys where you live?

There is currently a steady hum all day long of frisky cicadas. And at night, the frogs are partying it up. Holy Cow!

Have a great week!


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Printables and Cat Wall Art

May 15th, 2013

My piles of minis continue to grow smaller as I move more and more to the future house. What to do for this supposed minis blog? Printables!

One thing I have always loved about having a computer is having the ability to design my own printable/ activity pages, teaching aids, greeting cards, etc. These days I have fun with designing wallpapers, flooring, and wall art for my mini projects.

I already have some of my wallpapers available free. (See link in the sidebar.) So I decided to make a regular feature of a mini printable once a month (or maybe more often – we’ll see how it goes.)

This month I have some Cat Wall Art for you. There are four different color combinations on this page. (And, of course, you can always use your own favorite painting app to change colors.) Use this for your mini walls or print it on some fabric for a mini rug. Enjoy!


Renovating, Garage Cleaning, and Concord Miniatures Barbie Style

April 24th, 2013

This post is way overdue because of some nasty WordPress hackers.

During the last couple of weeks my husband I have finally gotten back into renovating mode. He has been working on getting us together a bathroom in the new house and I have been gutting the old kitchen to make ready for new drywall and a new ceiling. My husband was not sure at first that tearing down the ceiling was necessary, but, boy oh boy, I am so glad I did. Resting in their final repose above our heads was a mummified squirrel, some mummified mice, a mummified snake (I think?), and a not so mummified deceased bird. Can you say nasty yucky gross?

I took the weekend and did some things I consider fun. Planting flowers, herbs, and seeds on Saturday. Cleaning out the garage on Sunday. Wait! Cleaning the garage is fun? Well, in this case it is. The garage cleaning is at the Victorian house. The house used to be owned by a preschool teacher (and serious packrat) and I made the mistake of purchasing the contents. Most of the stuff is just plain junk, but occasionally there is a surprise. I’ve uncovered an old record player cabinet, some vintage Barbies, a Brownie (as in Girl Scouts) doll, Lincoln logs, an old chair with potential, and a child size chifferobe. The chifferobe and a lot of the preschool furnishings went to a neighbor who loves to repurpose old furniture.

In the course of packing, I rediscovered some old Concord furniture I had tucked away. Back in the nineties, I think it was, Concord came out with a line of furniture that was 1/6 scale/Playscale. I snapped up some for my daughter to counteract all that Barbie pink. Unfortunately, at the time funds were tight (still are!) and I could only get some of the pieces available. You can see a real Ethan Allen Colonial influence here.

Not sure if I want to keep it or sell it. When it comes to Barbie, I prefer 1960s vintage.

A quick Menu Plan Monday!

Yes, I know it is Wednesday and I actually cooked Tuesday this week, but what the hey.

Pasta with Pesto
Cheesy Brown Rice and Broccoli
Falafel and Pita Bread
Chickpea and Feta Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

I don’t know why, but I have never made chickpeas from dried before. I did this week and it will be my new thing to do. Super easy (as in soak and boil) and cheaper than canned.

Have a great week!


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Mini Cats, Fiestaware, and Random Blogging

March 18th, 2013

My posts are pretty random these days, both in frequency and content. That is the way my life is at the moment.

Still packing and moving things to the new house, also pretty randomly due to things like snow!

(I would much rather be seeing more of these:

and less of the wet white stuff.)

In the course of moving so many things at different times, I am unpacking and reusing a lot of my boxes. I now have one room that looks a lot like this:

Of course, pottery is not the only thing I seem to collect, I rounded all the cats up (minus the black and white ones in the Fascination Station house) for a family photo.

A few days after I took that photo, I found a surprise, or I should say three surprises, spread around the living room floor.

Apparently, the stray cat I took in a little while ago was expecting. Silly me. I had just mentioned to my husband a few days earlier that she looked a little bloated. We were wondering if she was eating too much or had worms. Oops!

Sadly, mom was not at all interested in taking care of these guys and while I tried to feed them things just didn’t work out and they only survived two days. Sigh.

On a slightly happier note, it’s Menu Plan Monday!

I usually go on a cooking binge on Mondays to restock the fridge, but this week I think we will be primarily eating leftovers from the freezer. We will have:

Broccoli and Tofu Stir Fry (not from the freezer)

Yummy stuff and hardly any work – not too shabby.

Have a great week!


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The Thornhill Tool Cabinet, The Sad Lives Of Past Mini Projects, And More

February 25th, 2013

Some time ago I saw on someone’s blog (I wish I remembered whose!) about a creative soul that had repurposed an old dollhouse and used it to store laundry supplies (I think it was laundry supplies!). Well, I guess I am also good at repurposing. See my Thornhill tool cabinet:

Okay, I confess, it’s just plain sad. I bought this kit sometime in the 1990’s after completing the Beacon Hill Greenleaf kit (which is now covered in cobwebs – haunted mansion anyone?).

I had high hopes for doing a proper 18th Century Virginia house. Then I raised children and dogs and cats and there you go. Sometimes I think about selling it. But it is not really a kit nor is it a full house. Yikes.

Am I the only one that has dollhouses around that got neglected  for new and more exciting projects?

The weather has been a bit gloomy here of late so I was tickled to see this little flower on an impatiens plant I brought in to overwinter in the house.

A little shout out to Menu Plan Monday. What we are eating this week:

Potato and Gimme Lean Breakfast Sausage Casserole
Pasta and Pesto
Tortilla Soup
Ratatouille w/ Cannellini Beans

Extras for this week:

Baked Corn Tortilla Strips
Herb Bread
Berry Medley Crunch Dessert

Have a great week!


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The Contemporary Ranch Kitchen, An African Safari, and More

February 11th, 2013

Still sorting and packing which sounds really boring, but it actually feels good to see the progress. My dish cabinet in the kitchen now looks like this:

The flaw here is the my “less is more” husband stated that he really liked the cabinets like this. Oops!

Before I packed it up, I just had to try out the 70’s kitchen in the Contemporary Ranch.

Okay, picture it with some accessories and flowered wallpaper. Generally, I’m thinking it works. But, and it is a fairly large but, who puts the fridge in front of the window?

I love the outside look of the Contemporary Ranch, but I think if I did it over again, I would have kit bashed a little more to enlarge the rooms and have the windows make more sense. The odds of this really happening are pretty remote, however. It’s always on to the next project!

While sorting, I found some more of these little guys:

I found the antelope before and even put it in the Fascination Station house. It was exciting to see that I had a few more tucked away. African Safari anyone?

Since it is Monday I need to add a little Menu Plan Monday in here.

This week we will be eating:

Macaroni and Cheese
Shepherd’s Pie
Lentil Soup
Beans and Tofu Weinies

So many of my menus of late have been simple, cheap, and straight forward that I got a wild hair and made some Empanadas last week with a dough from scratch and everything. I used the Fantastic Foods Taco Mix for a base adding in all sorts of other goodies and it was a big hit! The one flaw is that now I have the song “Girl From Ipanema” in my head. One thing has nothing to do with the other, but there you go.


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I Have A New One! (And Other Tidbits)

February 4th, 2013

No, not a new dollhouse. A new cat! (Not that I especially need a new one of either right now.) I finally caught the little gray girl who I had been feeding since last Spring. I had been hoping to woo her into voluntarily coming in the house, but it wasn’t happening. So, I took the plunge just before a cold spell and here she is:

The picture is not the best because, frankly, I am only allowed to get but so close before she bolts under the bed. But, overall, she is adapting to the household and not just hiding in a closet (like the formerly feral cat I caught some years ago).

My packing is still moving (no pun intended) along. I now have many empty cabinets and shelves and many full boxes. (I thought to take a picture of my empty shelves, but who the heck wants to see that.)

Kudos to all the Creatin’ Contest winners over at Miniatures.Com! I am in awe. I am always impressed when folks find the time to start AND finish their entries. I did manage to finish the Fascination Station house, just a month or so AFTER the contest was over. And here is my unfinished entry for the Spring Fling of 2010 (alas, sitting sadly ignored for the last two years):

Maybe some day…

Because it’s Menu Plan Monday, here’s what we are eating this week:

Spaghetti with Morningstar Farms Meatballs
Can Can Chili
Baked Tofu w/ Barbecue Sauce and Roasted Veggies
Bonus items – Egg Salad and Brownies

Have a great week!


P.S. If you come just for the blog, please check out all the Valentine’s Day Fun over at Bry-Back Manor!