The wonder of winter glow

The laughter of loved ones

The hugs of homecoming

Christmas memories are now

...and forever

Come Home for Christmas


Unlock the door of your heart -

Enter the gentleness within.

Open the window of your soul -

Breathe in the season of miracles.

No matter how far you've traveled,

It's time to come home now,

Where Christmas abounds in love.

Celebrate It With Love


Fill hearts and give joy.

Light candles and renew faith.

Sing carols and lift spirits.

Take time, shape memories.

Life is now.

Celebrate it with love.

Where Christmas Lives


If you find it, keep it close to your heart.

If you keep it, give part of it to somone you love.

If you give it, share it unselfishly.

If you lose it,

Find it again within yourself,

For that is where Christmas lives

After all.

Christmas List


A prayer for peace and hope,

a little laughter,

Some love to see us through

one more year.

It's not too much to ask,

is it?

Just for Now


One star, one journey, one birth.

Find one shining memory.

Adorn it with love, laughter, tears.

Celebrate the miracle of life,

Just for now, just for Christmas.


Graciously donated for your holiday enjoyment by Judith A. Lindberg.



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