Make A Sleeping Mouse


You Will Need:

Empty walnut shell half

Cotton ball

Sharp scissors

Tacky glue

Printed mouse and blanket



Gray yarn





Step One - Print out mouse and blanket. Both black and white and color versions are available. Color, if necessary, and cut out mouse, mouse tail, and desired blanket.


Step Two - Sand the bottom of the walnut shell so that it will sit flat.


Step Three - Glue cotton ball inside walnut shell. Glue mouse to cotton ball. Clue mouse tail to so that it will be hanging out of the blanket. Cut blanket to fit inside walnut shell and glue in place over mouse. Enjoy!


To Simplify - Cut out the oval that the mouse is in and place the whole thing inside the walnut shell. Use a piece of yarn for a tail instead of the tiny paper piece.


To Make Fancier - Use real cloth for the blanket. Make a mouse out of clay.


To Make A Hanging Ornament - Do not sand the bottom of the walnut shell. Cut two pieces of ribbon and glue each piece under the cotton ball. Let the glue dry. Complete the rest of the project. Tie the ribbon ends together.




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