Play Frog Toss!


You Will Need:

A good size cardboard box


Paint or construction paper

Green Felt

Wiggle eyes or felt for eyes

Tacky Glue


Beans or Rice


Needle and thread


Fabric glue


Step One - Draw 4 or 5 circles on your box with a pencil. You may want to trace a plate or some other round shape. Cut out the circles.


Step Two - Paint or cover your box with construction paper. Let dry. Optional: Use a marker to designate a point amount to each hole.


Step Three - Print out the frog pattern you like. There are two from which to choose. Make the patterns larger if desired.


Step Four - Use the pattern to cut frogs out of the felt. You will need two felt pieces for each frog. Cut out as many frogs as you want.


Step Five - Run a line of glue (either Tacky glue or Fabric glue) around the edge of the frog leaving about an inch with no glue. Put two frog parts together. Let dry thoroughly. Fill the frog with beans or rice. Glue the open edge together. Let dry. Optional: Sew your frog parts together instead of using glue.


Step Six - Glue wiggle eyes or felt eyes onto your frogs.


Step Seven - Play! Each person gets a turn to toss the frogs into the holes. You can determine winners by how many frogs go into the holes or by point amounts for each hole. Enjoy!



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