Houseplants From the Kitchen

You have the makings for a lot of houseplants right in your own kitchen!!



Apples require some planning. Take some seeds and put them in damp peatmoss in a plastic bag. Place the bag in the refrigerator for two months, making sure the seeds remain damp. Then plant in soilless mix until roots develop. The apple tree can then be transferred to soil. Apples like a cool winter. Peaches, plums and nectarines also require a rest in the refrigerator.



An avocado makes a great houseplant. Remove the brown skin from the seed and prop it on top of a jar with toothpicks. Fill the jar with water, covering 1/3 of the seed. Refill and change your water frequently. In a few weeks, roots will begin to develop. When there are a reasonable number of roots and a shoot starts coming from the top, transfer your seed to soil, leaving the top shoot above ground.



Beans are easy growers. Soak dried beans (any kind) overnight. Plant in a fair size container of soil. Water well and place in a sunny window. In about two months you may be rewarded with beans to eat!!



Choose a beet with some leaves growing at the top. Place in a shallow container with a layer of pebbles at the bottom. Cut the top off the beet and place it in the dish. Support the beet with some more pebbles. Fill the container with water leaving 2/3 of the beet exposed. In about 5 days you should have some growth. You can also try this with carrots and radishes.



Plant one clove of garlic in a fairly deep container of soil. Don't overwater as the clove will rot. One clove can eventually produce a whole head of garlic!!



Follow the same procedure as for beans. If you use fresh peas, they do not need to be soaked.



Pick a small potato with eyes starting to sprout. Plant in a deep container of soil. Keep the plant in bright sun. With luck, you may get a tiny harvest to eat.


Try lots of other seeds: oranges, popcorn, spices, whatever!!

Some of the information above was gleaned from a fantastic book:

The Don't Throw It, Grow It Book Of Houseplants

by Millicent Selsam and Deborah Peterson.


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