Make A Yarn Picture

In some parts of Mexico, people make beautiful pictures by setting yarn into beeswax.

This is a very simple version of making a yarn picture.


You Will Need:

A square or rectangle of heavy cardboard

Different colors of yarn


Tacky glue

Pipe Cleaners (optional)


Step One - Spread a thin layer of glue over the entire surface of the heavy cardboard.


Step Two - Cut pieces of yarn to make your picture. Do the main parts of the picture first and then fill in the background.


Step Three - Let the glue dry thoroughly.


Step Four - Enjoy your picture!


Hanging Your Picture - You can make a simple hanger for your picture with a pipe cleaner. Center the pipe cleaner on the back of your picture and make a small pencil mark at each end. Make another small pencil mark an inch shorter than the ends of the pipe cleaner. Very carefully poke small holes through the cardboard at the second mark. Very carefully poke another set of holes 1/2 inch shorter on either side. Thread the pipe cleaner ends through the holes and twist the ends on both sides together. Hang up your picture.

If your picture is very large, you may need to use two pipe cleaners twisted together.



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