Make A Dreidel


 You Will Need:

Dreidel Pattern

Lightweight cardboard


School Glue

A short, sharpened pencil or dowel (about three inches long)

Nuts, raisins, pennies, or whatever you want to play the game


Step One - Print out the dreidel pattern.

Step Two - Glue the pattern to lightweight cardboard and cut it out. Carefully cut out the little holes at the top and the bottom of the dreidel.


Step Three - Fold the pattern into a box shape and glue the flaps in place on the inside of the dreidel. Let the glue dry.


Step Four - Push the pencil or dowel through the holes so that the point comes through the bottom. Secure with a little glue if necessary.


Step Five - Play the dreidel game!!


The Dreidel Game

To begin the game, each player should have 10-20 objects. Each person puts one object in the middle. Then each person takes a turn at spinning the dreidel. What letter the dreidel shows when it is finished spinning determines what each person must do.

(N) or nun stands for nicht or nothing. If the dreidel lands on nun, you do nothing.

(G) or gimmel stands for ganz or all. If the dreidel lands on gimmel, take everything in the middle.

(H) or hay stands for halb or half. If the dreidel lands on hay, take half of what's in the middle plus one if there's an odd number of objects.

(SH) or shin stands for shtel or put in. If the dreidel lands on shin, put two objects into the middle.


When only one object or no objects are left in the middle each player adds one. When a player has everything, he or she wins!



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