Make An Easter Bunny Basket


You Will Need:

A one gallon milk jug

A stapler

Wiggle eyes

Pipe cleaners

A small pink pom-pom for the nose

A large white pom-pom for the tail


Tacky glue


Step One - Clean and have an adult cut the milk jug as illustrated below. You may want to sketch your cut marks with a washable marker.


Step Two - Staple the straight strips of the milk jug together to form a handle.


Step Three - Glue on the eyes, nose, and tail. Let the glue dry.


Step Four - Cut two pieces of pipe cleaner about 3 inches long. An adult should poke two holes in the milk jug on either side of the nose. Push the pipe cleaners in one hole and out the other. Twist the ends of the pipe cleaners to secure and form the whiskers.


Step Five - Fill your Bunny Basket with Easter grass and other goodies. Enjoy!


Some Variations - You can experiment with other sizes of containers to make different size baskets. A half gallon milk container, for example, is a good size for a party favor Bunny Basket.


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