Make An Easter Duck Basket

This project is a little complicated, but it is a lot of fun. I made this duck basket in Brownies. Sorry to say, I have no clue as to who came up with the original idea.


You Will Need:

One gallon bleach bottle

6" styrofoam ball

Yellow netting

Pipe cleaners

A one-hole punch

Gold and red felt

Wiggle eyes or felt for eyes

Straight pins or floral pins


Tacky Glue

Flowers and/or ribbons for decoration (optional)


Step One - Clean and carefully cut bleach bottle as illustrated below. This will require adult supervision!


Step Two - Punch holes with the hole punch 1/2 inch outside of the cut area about 1 inch apart.


Step Three - Print out Duck Patterns. Cut patterns out of gold felt except for the tongue which is cut out of red felt. Cut out four feet, two bottom beaks, and one of everything else. Glue two foot felt parts together for strength and make two feet. Glue the two bottom beak felt parts together and glue the red tongue to one side of the bottom beak. Let glue dry.


Step Four - Glue the feet to the bottom of the bleach bottle. Let glue dry.


Step Five - Count the holes in the bleach bottle. Cut out that many strips of yellow netting: 2 and 1/2 inches wide and 24 inches long. Cut out 6 more strips of netting for the neck of the duck.


Step Six - Cut the same number of pipe cleaners as there are pieces of netting. Cut these about 2 inches long.


Step Seven - Bunch a piece of netting and twist a pipe cleaner piece around the center. Repeat. Stick a gathered piece of netting in each punched hole and spread the ends of the pipe cleaner to secure it to the bleach bottle.


Step Eight - Fit the styrofoam ball onto the top of the bleach bottle. Make a small indentation on the ball to mark the space where it will fit on the bottle for the duck head.


Step Nine - Glue eyes to the head. Glue or pin the top beak to the head. Glue the bottom beak to the head underneath the top peak, indenting it into the styrofoam head a little bit. Let glue dry.


Step Ten - Push in and glue the extra netting around the bottom of the duck head to make a collar. Glue the head to the body. Let glue dry.


Step Eleven - Secure the piece of bleach bottle that you cut out in Step One to the head with glue and straight pins or floral pins to make a bonnet. Decorate you bonnet with flowers or ribbons if you wish.


Step Twelve - Fill your duck with Easter grass and goodies. Enjoy!


Some Other Fun Ideas:

Make Easter Baskets from strawberry baskets by weaving them with ribbon and making a handle out of braided pipe cleaners.

Decorate Your Easter Tree - a branch spray-painted white and held securely with plaster of paris in a can - with eggs made like these Christmas Ornaments. Use Spring pictures to make the scenes in your eggs.



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