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make a ghost wreath


you will need:

heavy cardboard

dark blue, white, and black paint

dry milkweed pods

sharp scissors

tacky glue

two garbage bag wire ties


halloween ribbon

construction paper



step one - this is a step mom or dad might want to do. cut a wreath form from heavy cardboard. the size of the wreath is optional. punch two holes about an inch down from the top of the wreath and about an inch apart. twist the garbage bag ties together to make one tie. thread this through the holes in the wreath. twist the ends together at the backside of the wreath to form a loop to hang your wreath.


step two - paint the wreath form dark blue. remember to paint the inside and outside edges. let the wreath dry.


step three - take the seeds out of the milkweed pods if you haven't done so already. paint the milkweed pods white. let the pods dry. with the black paint, paint eyes on the pods. let dry.


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step four - arrange the ghosts on the wreath. glue into place. enjoy!


optional - you can, of course, do much more decorating on your wreath. add a length of halloween ribbon and a bow. add moons and stars cut from construction paper. add some bats using the picture below. add some glitter. let your imagination go wild, and have fun.




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