Make A Gingerbread House


You will Need:

Graham Crackers


Assorted candies

A paper plate


I think every child is required by law to make one of these in his or her lifetime!


Step One - You will need five graham crackers. Four whole and two halved.


Step Two - Glue two large and two half graham crackers together with the frosting to form a rectangle on the paper plate. Use two of the graham crackers to form the roof. You can use plain old canned frosting if you want to eat your house later. OR You can make a frosting from 2 egg whites and about 2 cups of powdered sugar (this is approximate depending on the size of your eggs and humidity level in your house.) if you want to use your house as a decoration only as this frosting dries as hard as a rock, might break teeth, and tastes terrible.


Step Three - Decorate your house with candies, raisins, pretzel sticks, or whatever strikes your fancy using the frosting as glue. Enjoy!!



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