A July Fourth Poem

Here is a poem graciously donated by Judith A.Lindberg for your holiday enjoyment.




Here in the harbor, made famous by her very existence,

Stands a lady, polished by a new American pride...

And her name is Liberty.

She holds a torch ignited by the flame of love,

And from her raised hand and her gentle eyes

She offers a blessing of reassurance with silent lips:

"Give me your weary, your dreamless, your hopeless,

Those who have lost faith in themselves and our country.

Send these, the embittered, to me.

I am living proof of what a nation of people can do,

When they believe, when they commit, when they join hearts.

I lift my torch beside the door that remains open,

A golden opportunity for all who enter,

When the hope is peace

And the reason is freedom for all."



Bry-Back Manor/Holiday Fun