Make a St. Lucia Wreath



You Will Need:

Lucia wreath patterns

A large paper plate


School glue

Crayons or Markers


Construction paper



Step One - Print out Lucia Wreath Patterns. You will need four candles and Lots of leaves and berries.

Lucia Wreath Patterns


Step Two - Cut out the center of the paper plate (see Diagram A).

Diagram A


Step Three - Cut out and color the four candles. OR Use the candle as a pattern for constuction paper candles. Fold the candles into tubes and glue on the flaps. Cut the black lines at the bottom of the candles to form tabs. Glue the candles to the BOTTOM of the paper plate putting glue on the tabs. Space the candles equally around the plate. (You want the plate to form a hat.)


Step Four - Cut out and color the holly leaves and berries. OR Use the leaf and berry as patterns to cut leaves and berries from construction paper. Glue the leaves and berries to the BOTTOM of the paper plate. Cover the plate well.


Step Five - Enjoy your St. Lucia Wreath!! Be sure to wear it on December 13!!



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