Make An Maypole Centerpiece


You Will Need:

A cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels

Heavy cardboard


Crepe paper in two or three colors

Some small stones

Flowers for decorating

A ruler


Tacky glue


Step One - Cut a circle from heavy cardboard about 1 and 1/4 inches larger than the diameter of the cardboard tube.


Step Two - Glue the cardboard tube to the center of the cardboard circle. Let dry.


Step Three - Paint the cardboard tube and the cardboard circle. Let the paint dry.


Step Four - Cut 3 or 4 pieces of crepe paper the length of the tube. Cut the crepe paper in half length-wise. Glue the crepe paper strips to the top inside of the tube alternating colors.


Step Four - Put some small stones inside the tube to add some weight so that it will not tip over.


Step Six - Decorate the top of your Maypole with flowers and more crepe paper if desired. Enjoy!


A Quick May Craft - Make some paper cornucopias and fill them with flowers to give to friends and neighbors.



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