make a pumpkin centerpiece

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you will need:

a large paper twist pumpkin

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heavy corrugated cardboard

brown paint

computer paper

crayons or markers

decorative ribbon (approximately 3/8 to 1/2 of an inch wide)




step one - make a large paper twist pumpkin according to instructions.


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step two - cut out four circles of heavy cardboard approximately 2 inches larger than the bottom of the paper twist pumpkin. glue these circles together.


step three - paint the cardboard circles with brown paint. let dry. decorate the outside rim of the glued circles with the decorative ribbon. trim to fit if necessary.


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step four - print out, cut apart, and color multiple copies of the oak leaves. glue the leaves around the outside edge of the glued together cardboard circles (see illustration). let dry.

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step five - glue the paper twist pumpkin to the center of the decorated circles. enjoy!


some variations - the original form of this centerpiece was made with loopy yarn on wire (i do not know if this product is still available) and a pipecleaner stem for the pumpkin, a wooden platform, and boughten artificial leaves.

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another simple centerpiece decoration is a piece of heavy cardboard cut in wreath shape with the center cut out to fit of heavy cardboard cut in wreath shape with the center cut out to fit a pillar candle. decorate the cardboard with glued on tiny pinecones and spray paint gold or green or silver or whatever. place the pillar candle at the center.


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