You Will Need:

Crayons or markers



A full length pencil or small dowel

A teaspoon of rice or beans


Step One - Print out the gregor box pattern.


Step Two - Cut the crosses inside the circles. This is where the pencil will be placed.


Step Three - Decorate your gregor with crayons or markers


Step Four - Fold the gregor to form a box. Glue the box together leaving open one flap.


Step Five - Insert the pencil in the holes. Use the little flaps to secure the box to the pencil with glue. Let the glue dry.


Step Six - Put the teaspoon of rice or beans inside the gregor. Glue closed the last flap. Let the glue dry. Enjoy!


Side Note: It is interesting to see all the different spellings for gregor. Some others I found were grogger, gregger, and grager.



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