Make A Valentine's Party Candy Cup


You Will Need:

Styrofoam or paper cups

Pink paint (non-toxic)

White, pink, or red construction paper

Pink or red pipe cleaners



Plastic wrap

Candies or nuts

Ribbon or yarn


Step One - Paint the outsides and insides of the cups with the pink paint. Let the cups dry completely.


Step Two - Poke two holes in the cup. Stick the ends of a pipe cleaner inside the holes. Bend the ends and secure with a little glue. Fashion the pipe cleaner to form a heart shape. Let dry.


Step Three - Cut some hearts out of construction paper using the Heart Patterns to decorate the cup. You could also decorate your cups with these Valentine's Day card decorations. Let dry.


Step Four - Cut little squares of plastic wrap. Fill with candies or nuts and tie these up with a piece of ribbon or yarn. Put inside your candy cups. Enjoy!


A Variation - Use larger containers to make a centerpiece or snack bowls.



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