Make A Victorian Fan Ornament

You will need:

Ornament patterns


School Glue

Crayons or Markers



Paper hole punch


Ribbon roses


Step One - Print out Victorian Fan Ornament Patterns.


Victorian Fan Ornament Patterns


Step Two - Cut out the fan pattern. You can color this if you wish, but traditionally this part would be white.


Step Three - Cut out the circles at the bottom of the pattern or use a paper hole punch. Fold the fan pattern over and under to resemble a fan. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon about 10 inches long and thread them through them holes at the bottom of the fan. Tie a square knot (right over left and left over right, makes a square knot neat and tight) with the ribbon to keep the bottom of the fan together and then tie the ribbon in a neat bow. Tie another square knot to keep the bow in place. Tie the end of the ribbon together with a bow to hang the ornament. (Mom or Dad might want to help with all these knots.)


Step Four - Cut out and color the rosebow. You can use whatever colors you want, but pastels are traditional. Glue the rosebow to the fan held upside down (this is the way it will hang). OR You can make a bow from lace and some ribbon roses (you can find these in craft stores) and glue this to the fan. Let the glue dry.


Step Five - Hang your ornament on the Christmas tree and enjoy!!


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