Were you stumped?

Here are the endings to the stories.


Story One

The old woman told John that her daughter had been dead for many years and was buried in a cemetery that was a about an hour's drive away near a bus stop. John went to the cemetery. He saw his jacket folded neatly on top of a grave. The name on the tombstone was Mary.


Story Two

His wife woke up with a start. Her head fell off and rolled onto the floor while the woman screamed "I told you you'd be sorry!".


Story Three

With a look of surprise, the station attendant told Suzy's mother that the Welcome Inn had burned down twenty years before and the old woman who ran the place had lost her life in the fire. Suzy and her mother went back to the Inn in disbelief. But, when they arrived at the place where they had spent the night, all that they saw was a singed sign and the shell of the house. Where the front hall had been, there was a dilapidated table and on the table was the envelope containing their thank you note and money.


Story Four

He saw the same pale, thin face that had belonged to the carriage driver. The elevator operator looked at Herman and said "All aboard". Herman stepped back from the elevator and stood as if in a trance until a few moments later he was startled by a loud crash. The elevator cable had broken and the elevator had plummeted down, killing everyone on board. Later investigation discovered that the elevator operator had been a temporary employee and hired only for that one day.



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