More Halloween Poetry

These poems were graciously contributed by James Ruffini.


Jacko' Lantern


Place a candle deep within,

to show the Jacko' lantern's grin.

Set him outside on the front stair,

or in the window to give a good scare.

He'll greet Trick or Treaters of the night,

with his great jagged teeth and fiery eyes.

The little ghosts, and angels, and monsters all,

will be guided up the steps to the front door,

where they will fill their sacks and buckets of candy,

with a "Trick or Treat" and a "Thank you" handy.

Then they'll turn to bid adieu to the pumpkin of light,

who guides them back down to the street in the night.


Bats and Black Cats


A friend of mine once said,

bats are little rats with wings.

If that is true, then black cats do

love those little flying things.

They flit and flutter one way and another,

in the night sky, across the moon,

but only the cat can catch them

with one magic leap and it's the poor bat's doom.

she brings it to the witch's house,

for some secret recipe -- but if the cat

should miss, and the lucky bat flutters away,

our furry friend finds another place

that night to fall asleep.



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