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Denise's Room

InformationI have outlined on this site the 22 chapter titles of my cycle on food  Salty 'n' Sweety (if you don't have them yet, send an email and I will gladly forward them to you).

You will soon be able to come and check all my new icons on my site which is currently being refurbished.

I have a lot of surprises in store and among others, I am currently developing an on-line art gallery.
Feel free to send a message, you know how we all love to get mail.
db's iconmarket

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InformationI present my Amazonsisters these some humble reliefs of food, gift of my gratitude to her daring innovation spirit!.. Should I dream a more idillic place to plant the stall of my first iconmarket? ...Accept this 22 new plants, first harvest of my big food cycle: "salty-sweety"...whose gathering is to be followed!.... So, my iconmarket has just born!...

Download (24 icons): Mac - Win

db's iconmarket

Download (25 icons): Mac - Win Updated 6/2!

Download (41 icons): Mac - Win

Download (25 icons): Mac - Win
PP Salty&Sweet

Download (31 icons): Mac - Win
PP Salty

Download (16 icons): Mac - Win
PP Sweet

Download (24 icons): Mac - Win

Download (32 icons): Mac - Win

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