Make A Sand Candle

This is a project for parents and children to do together.


What you will need:

Canning Wax

Old Crayons

Candle Wicking

A Couple of Paperclips or Candle Wick Bottoms

A Deep Tub or Box

Clean Sand

An old Pot or Can for Wax Melting

A Stove or Hot Plate

A Larger Pot for Water

Pot Holders

An Old Clean Paint Stick for Stirring

Another Stick or Pencil to Hold Up the Wick



Adult: Melt a block of canning wax over low heat in the old can placed in the pot of water - like a double boiler.


Child: Pick out the old crayon color you want to use. Break the crayons into small pieces.


Adult: Put the crayons into the wax to melt. Stir gently to distribute color.


Adult and Child: Put sand into the tub or box. You will want a good 5 to 6 inch layer of sand. Dampen the sand if it is very dry, you will want it to hold a shape.


Child: Make a bowl shape in the sand. Use your finger to make some legs for the bowl.


Adult: Cut a piece of candlewicking the depth of the bowl plus about 3 inches. Secure the wick to a paper clip or the candle wick bottom. Tie the top of the wick to the stick or pencil.


Child: Bury the wick bottom in the sand in the middle of your sand bowl. Place the stick or pencil across the top of the sand.


Adult: Fill the sand bowl with the hot, melted wax. Double check that the wick is straight.


Adult and Child: Let the candle cool. Go eat lunch and an ice cold popsicle.


Adult: Check the candle by very gently moving the wick. If it moves easily you will need to let the candle cool some more.


Child: When the candle is completely cool - according to Adult -, dig it up out of the sand. Wipe off excess sand over the tub. Enjoy your candle!!


Warning: Please do not leave young children unsupervised near hot wax!



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