A Picture Recipe Game

This game can reinforce picture recipe concepts or general measurement concepts.


The game consists of a game board and game cards. Print out the game board pieces and the card pieces you wish to use. Fit the three game board pieces together on a large piece of cardboard for strength. I have intentionally left the game board plain so that it can be personally customized with a name or pictures or both. Cut apart the game cards and reinforce them with lightweight cardboard. I highly recommend covering the board and cards with clear contact paper.


To play the game you will need:


Marked measuring cups

Marked measuring spoons

Dry rice or water to measure

Game pieces such as buttons for each player




An empty oven

A timer


To begin play, decide on the turn order. Each player in turn picks a card and follows the directions on the card. If the player successfully completes the task, he or she moves ahead the number of squares in the corner of the card. If the player does not successfully complete the task, he or she moves backward the number of squares in the corner of the card. Because the rules of the game are so simple, they can be adapted to fit the individual players. Some players might need assistance or two tries at completing the task. Whoever reaches the finish line first wins!



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