A Pin The Tail On The Piggy Game

In the United States, children often play Pin The Tail On The Donkey at birthday parties. Well, in other countries children play similiar games. In Brazil children play Pin The Tail On The Rabbit and in Denmark they play Pin The Tail On The Pig.

Did you know that long ago where someone placed the tail during the game told what his or her future might be?

Maybe you won't find out your future, but you might enjoy making your own Pin The Tail On The Piggy game!


1. Print out the piggy patterns.

2. Use the patterns to cut out one pig and a lot of tails from pink construction paper.

3. Glue the pink pig to a large piece of decorated cardboard or another large piece of construction paper.

4. After the glue has dried, cover the piggy board with clear contact paper.

5. If you want, you can number the tails. Cover the tails with clear contact paper to preserve them.


To Play:

Give each player a tail with some tape stuck on it. Each player then takes a turn at being blindfolded, turned around three times, and pointed in the direction of the piggy board hung on a wall. The player sticks his or her tail on the piggy board. Whoever places her or his tail closest to where a real tail would be wins the game!



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