You Will Need:

Three cardboard tubes from paper towels

An empty oatmeal container without the lid, trim off the lip at the top

Light gray, dark gray, and black construction paper

Two bathroom size Dixie cups

Dark gray non-toxic paint

A measuring tape

Masking tape


Tacky glue

A few small pebbles, rice, or dry beans

Optional: A large rubberband



Step One - Cut the Dixie cups in half. Discard the top portion of the cup. Paint the outsides of the bottom of the cups with the gray paint. Let the cups dry completely.


Step Two - Measure the circumference (width around) of the tops of the cardboard tubes and the oatmeal container. Measure and cut out two circles from the light gray construction paper for the small tubes and one from the dark gray construction paper for the oatmeal container. The diameter (largest part) of the circle should be the same measurement as the width around the tubes and the oatmeal container. NOTE: This part of the project is a little complicated for very young children and could very easily be done in advance by an adult.


Step Three - Cut the circles in half. Fold three light gray halves into cone shapes and glue. Fold one dark gray half into a cone shape and glue. Let the glue dry. While the glue is drying, cut one of the cardboard tubes in half.


Step Four - Glue the painted Dixie cups to the inside of the bottoms of the two longer cardboard tubes. Let dry. Put some pebbles, rice, or dry beans in the tubes to weigh them down a little so that they can support the weight of the oatmeal container and the shuttle.


Step Five - Use masking tape to attach a cone to the top of the cardboard tubes and to the top of the oatmeal container. Cover the tape and the plain sections of the tubes and the oatmeal container with glued on construction paper. Let dry.


Step Six - This part is a little tricky. Glue the oatmeal container in between the two long tubes and about two inches up from the bottom. Use lots of glue. You can use a large rubber band to hold the pieces together while they dry. You will also need to put something under the oatmeal container while it dries to keep it in place.


Step Seven - Finish up your shuttle. Print and cut out the wings and the tail (vertical stabilizer) sections. Glue one wing to either side of the shuttle. Glue the engine section to the bottom of the shuttle. Glue the two tail sections together and glue to the shuttle. Let the glue dry.


Step Eight - Glue the shuttle to the oatmeal container. Use black construction paper to add details (See picture above) if desired. Enjoy!


 A Quickie Craft!


Use these paper stars to make constellation pictures on black construction paper. You can find some great constellation pictures and some good information at Stars and Constellations.



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