Play Some Space Games

Put The Sojourner Rover On Mars

Set Up: Cover a piece of black poster board with painted or construction paper stars. Print out the Black and White Mars picture and color it or print out the Colored Mars picture. Glue Mars to the center of the board. You may choose to cover the board with clear plastic or clear contact paper. Print out, color, and number some Sojourner Rovers. You may choose to cover the rovers with clear contact paper.

To Play: Give a Sojourner Rover piece to each child. Put a small piece of tape of the rover. Then, each child takes a turn being blind folded and putting the rover piece on the board. The one who come closest to the center of Mars is the winner.


A Space Shuttle Relay Race

Set Up: Print and cut out the Space Shuttles. Have a shuttle piece and a drinking straw for each child. You will need to set up a chair with a box or bowl to receive the shuttle pieces.

To Play: Divide the children into two teams. Each child must carry the shuttle piece to the chair by inhaling on the straw and then drop the shuttle piece into the box or bowl. The team that deposits their pieces first wins. This relay can be adapted as necessary, of course, to accommodate any child.



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