Make A Dollhouse 


This is a project for older children or for parents and children to do together.


Step One - Print out the outside of the house, the inside of the house, and the walls, ceilings, and floors.


Step Two - Color your house parts. Cut out the outside and inside of the house. Cut out the insides of the windows, if desired.


Step Three - Glue the outside and inside of the house together, printed sides facing out. Let the glue dry.


Step Four - Fold the walls and roof to form the house. Glue into place. Let the glue dry.


Step Five - Cut out the ceilings and floors. Glue the downstairs floor to the bottom of the house. Glue the downstairs ceiling to the upstairs floor. Glue the upstairs ceiling to the attic floor. Fold up the baseboards and carefully glue into place.


Step Six - Cut out the inside walls and glue together. Glue walls into place. Let dry. Enjoy your house!


Note - You can furnish your house yourself using scrap materials and your imagination. Or you can furnish your house with tiny purchased furniture. One source of tiny miniatures is Hobby Builder's Supply. Look in the Special Scale section. This company also has a snail mail catalog you can request.



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