Make Some Dinosaur Party Favors

You Will Need:

Plastic Eggs (Like Easter Eggs)

Pom-Poms in four different sizes



Wiggle Eyes

Empty Egg Cartons

Tacky Glue



Step One - Glue the Pom-Poms together as shown. Tacky glue works best. Let dry.

Step Two - Cut out one tail piece and two little claw pieces from felt.

Step Three - Glue rick-rack down dinosaur's back. Glue on wiggle eyes.

Step Four - Glue tail and claws onto dinosaur and glue dinosaur into egg bottom. The dinosaur should be squishy enough that the top of the egg can go on if desired. Fill the egg carton bottom with easter grass and use it to store the eggs. You could also cut the egg carton apart to make individual nests. Enjoy!



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