Make Some Christmas Eve Bells

To Toll The Devil's Knell 


You will Need:

Paper or Styrofoam Cups


Aluminum foil

School Glue



Jingle bells


Step One - Cover the outside of at least two cups with aluminum foil.


Step Two - Punch small holes in the middle of the bottom of the cups.


Step Three - Thread pipecleaners through the holes in the cups and make circles at the top of the pipecleaners. (See Diagram A) Put some glue around the holes to secure the pipecleaners. Let the glue dry.


Diagram A


Step Four - Make small balls out of aluminum foil and glue these to the bottom of the pipecleaners to form the "clangers." OR Loop the end of the pipcleaner around a jingle bell from the craft store. If you want, you can tie the bells together or separately with a neat ribbon bow.


Step Five - Enjoy your bells!! Be sure to ring them on Christmas Eve.



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