Make A Dragon


You Will Need:

A paper towel cardboard roll

Tissue Paper

Crayons or markers

Dragon patterns




Paint (optional)


Step One - Print out the dragon head and feet. Cut out and color. Reinforce with cardboard. Paint or color the cardboard to match your dragon. Let dry.


Step Two - Print out the dragon skin. Color. Trim the skin to fit around the cardboard roll. Glue on the skin.


Step Three - Print out the dragon tail. Color. Fit the tail onto the end of the cardboard roll. Trim if necessary. Glue. Let dry.


Step Four - Cut two pieces of tissue paper about 1 and 1/2 in wide and the length of your dragon plus a little extra to wrap around the tail. Cut the paper in a jagged fashion without cutting it apart. Glue onto the dragon's back and tail. For an example refer to the picture on the main Chinese New Year page.


Step Five - Glue the head to the front of the dragon. Glue on the feet to the sides of the dragon. Let glue dry. Enjoy!


Optional - You can glue extra pieces of jagged tissue paper around the head for more dimension.



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