Many English Christmas customs traveled to the United States with the English immigrants. Both countries share the hanging of stockings and mistletoe. People in both countries decorate with holly and ivy. While not as popular today, both the English and the Early Americans burned a Yule log,saving the remains for starting the next year's fire.


There is no Santa Claus in England. Instead, children receive gifts from Father Christmas.


At Christmas dinner, plum pudding is the dessert of choice. Coins are hidden in the pudding bringing good luck to those that find them.


Actors known as Christmas mummers present plays during the Christmas season to the delight of persons both young and old.


In some villages, churches "toll the Devil's knell" on Christmas Eve. The church bell is rung once for every year since Christ's birth; ending at midnight. The ringing is said to keep the Devil away from the village.


The English celebrate Boxing Day on December 26. On this day they give gifts to persons in service jobs, such as shop clerks or maids.



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