In France, religion is a very big part of the Christmas holiday. A crèche or manger scene plays an important role. In addition to the customary figures of Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, and the Wisemen, the French crèche also includes common village figures such as a man selling kindling or a woman selling herbs. The making of these figures, or santons, is a very important art form.


Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve is an important French tradition. After church people feast at a large late supper or réveillon. A traditional dessert at this supper is a bûche de Noël, a chocolate cake filled with whipped cream and shaped in the form of a Yule log.


Children receive gifts on December 6 and/or December 25 depending on which section of France they live. Instead of stockings, children leave out their shoes under a Christmas tree to be filled with goodies by Père Noël.



Here is a craft you might enjoy

to celebrate a French Christmas:


Make a Decorative Bûche de Noël




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