Make A Paper Twist Pumpkin


You Will Need:

A styrofoam ball - 3 inch or larger in diameter works best

Orange and brown paper twist (available in craft stores)

Tacky glue


Something to use as a poker that DOES NOT have a sharp point


Step One - Decide where the top and the bottom of your pumpkin will be. Use the poker to make a small hole (about 1/4 inch deep) in the top and bottom of the pumpkin.


Step Two - Measure the length from the top hole to the bottom hole. Add another 3/4 inch. This is the length to cut your strips of orange paper twist.


Step Three - Untwist a section of orange paper twist. Cut a strip according to above measurement. Put a very small amount of glue in the top and bottom holes. Put an end of the cut section of paper twist in each hole. Use your poker to push the ends in the holes securely.


Step Four - Repeat Step Three until your pumpkin is covered.


Step Five - Cut a section of brown paper twist about an inch long. Do Not untwist. Glue the twist/stem into the top of the pumpkin. Let dry. Enjoy!


Bry-Back Manor/Holiday Fun