Make A Pilgrim Hat Candy Cup


You Will Need:

Styrofoam or paper cups

Black paint (non-toxic)

Heavy cardboard

White or grey construction paper



Plastic wrap

Candies or nuts

Ribbon or yarn


Step One - Turn the cups upside down and cut out the bottom of each cup. Cut out circles of heavy cardboard that are approximately 3/4 of an inch larger than the top part (now the bottom) of the cups.


Step Two - Paint the outsides and insides of the cups with the black paint. Paint the cardboard circles. Let the cups and circles dry completely.


Step Three - Cut out hatbands and buckles from the white and grey construction paper (see illustration) Glue to the cups. Glue the cups to the cardboard circles. Let dry.


Step Four - Cut little squares of plastic wrap. Fill with candies or nuts and tie these up with a piece of ribbon or yarn. Put inside your candy cups. Enjoy!


A Variation - Use larger containers to make a centerpiece or snack bowls.



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