Make A Pumpkin Centerpiece


You Will Need:

A large paper twist pumpkin

Heavy corrugated cardboard

Brown paint

Computer paper

Crayons or markers

Decorative ribbon (approximately 3/8 to 1/2 of an inch wide)




Step One - Make a large paper twist pumpkin according to instructions.


Step Two - Cut out four circles of heavy cardboard approximately 2 inches larger than the bottom of the paper twist pumpkin. Glue these circles together.


Step Three - Paint the cardboard circles with brown paint. Let dry. Decorate the outside rim of the glued circles with the decorative ribbon. Trim to fit if necessary.


Step Four - Print out, cut apart, and color multiple copies of the oak leaves. Glue the leaves around the outside edge of the glued together cardboard circles (see illustration). Let dry.


Step Five - Glue the paper twist pumpkin to the center of the decorated circles. Enjoy!


Some Variations - The original form of this centerpiece was made with loopy yarn on wire (I do not know if this product is still available) and a pipecleaner stem for the pumpkin, a wooden platform, and boughten artificial leaves.

Another simple centerpiece decoration is a piece of heavy cardboard cut in wreath shape with the center cut out to fit a pillar candle. Decorate the cardboard with glued on tiny pinecones and spray paint gold or green or silver or whatever. Place the pillar candle at the center.



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