Make Eggshell Ornaments


You Will Need:

Lots of eggshells

A sharp pin or thumbtack

Small sharp scissors

Old Christmas cards or catalogs

Tacky glue or School glue

Ribbon, rick-rack, or metallic braid (1/8 inch size is best)

Cotton Balls




Step One - Eat a lot of scrambled eggs or ask your neighbors to help collect shells. HOWEVER, you need to empty your eggshells very carefully. With the pin, poke a small hole in the bottom of the egg. Then, poke a larger hole (about 1/8 inch wide) in the top of the egg. Blow through the small hole so that the egg comes out the large hole into a bowl. Save your hollowed eggs in an egg carton as you collect them.


Step Two - When you've collected plenty of shells, you're ready to start cutting holes in the front of the eggs with a very sharp pair of scissors. Cut holes large enough so that you are able to set a scene inside (see picture at the top of this page). Cut slowly and be patient. Sometimes it might help to poke a hole with the pin to get started. And if some eggs crack, they are very good for the compost pile!!


Step Three - Cut pieces of ribbon or braid or whatever you've decided to use about four inches long. Fold the pieces in half and stick the ends through the large hole at the top to make a hanger. Glue into place, carefully. Let your hangers dry before going to Step Four. (If you're making a lot of eggs at once, set up a production line and the first egg will probably be ready by the time you've finished gluing hangers in the rest.)



Step Four - Field test the amount of ribbon or braid or whatever that it takes to circle the egg hole in the front of the egg (see picture). Cut the ribbon and glue into place. Let the glue dry.


Step Five - Now the fun begins. Search through old Christmas cards or catalogs for little pictures to set up scenes in the egg. Cut a rectangular background and glue into place. Glue a cotton ball at the bottom of the egg (pull the cotton apart a little first). Glue little trees or figures or whatever onto the cotton to create your scene. (Sometimes it helps to leave a little flap at the bottom of the figures to support the figures.) Let all the glue dry.


Step Six - Hang your ornament on the tree and feel very proud of your work!!



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