A Manners Game

The game consists of a game board and game cards. Print out the game board pieces and the card pieces you wish to use. Fit the three game board pieces together on a large piece of cardboard for strength. I have intentionally left the game board plain so that it can be personally customized with a name or pictures or both. Cut apart the game cards and reinforce them with lightweight cardboard. I highly recommend covering the board and cards with clear contact paper.


To play the game you will need:

Game pieces such as buttons for each player


To begin play, decide on the turn order. Each player in turn picks a card. There are three types of cards. Good manners cards send a player ahead the number of spaces in the corner of the card. Bad manners cards send a player backwards the number of spaces in the corner of the card. Practice cards can send a player ahead or backwards depending on the response of the player. Whoever reaches the finish line first wins!


Because of the subtlety of manners, this is a text oriented game. There will need to be a reader.


I have also put together blank card templates for you to use.

Blank Card Templates



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