Fun Activities For Kids


1. Use the graphic above for gift tags!!


2. Make egg carton flowers. Cut flowers from the cup sections of egg cartions (tulips work well for this). Paint or use colored cartons. Use pipecleaners for the stems, either colored or regular (white) rolled in food coloring or tempera paint and dried, and construction paper for leaves. Pom-poms could be used for the centers.


3. Make a fake milk glass vase for the egg cartons flowers. Glue split peas flat side down in rows on a glass jar using tacky glue. Spray paint the whole thing white. I did this project in Brownies 100 years ago and I think the effect is still pretty.


4. Grow bean sprouts!! Punch holes (nail and hammer or a hot nail - this is an adult activity) in a plastic lidded jar or a glass lidded jar. Soak bean seeds about 20 minutes and drain the first day. Leave the jar on the kitchen counter out of direct sunlight. Rinse and immediately drain the seeds twice a day thereafter. Soon you'll have sprouts for salads or a stir fry. (For seeds check natural food stores or Park's Seed Company.)


5. What is more fun than a earthworm farm!!! Cut the pour hole off the top of a plastic soda bottle. Fill will some small stones for drainage (about 2 inches?) and soil to 2 inches from the top. Find some earthworms in the dirt and put them in the farm. Feed them with some moistened banana peels and lettuce. Cover the bottle with black construction paper on the sides. Keep the bottle in a cool, dry place. In a few days peel back the black paper and you may be able to see worm trails in the dirt!! After a week or so let your worms out in your garden.


6. To celebrate your worm trails make a wormy dessert!! Make a package of chocolate instant pudding according to instructions. Mix in 1 cup of thawed frozen whipped topping (i.e. Cool Whip). Spoon into clear plastic cups. Put 2-3 gummy worms in the pudding mix. Crumble up some chocolate sandwich cookies and sprinkle on the top of the pudding cups. YUM!!!! Vanilla pudding and vanilla cookies can be substituted if chocolate allergies are an issue. (The Cool Whip folks put out a much more complicated recipe for this, but my experience has been that kids don't know the difference. The key is the gummy worms.)


7. Grow houseplants out of your kitchen!!


8. Decorate candles with blossoms!!

Method A: Cut out pretty pictures from seed catalogs and glue onto your candles. These candles are for decoration only.

Method B: Have mom or dad melt some plain old canning wax in an old clean can in boiling water. Remove the wax from the heat. With a disposable small paintbrush glue small blossoms to the candle with a spot of wax. Wild violets and buttercups work well for this. Cover the blossoms with a light layer of wax. These candles can be burned.


9. Even if you don't have a lot of space, grow radishes and leaf lettuce. All you need is a large container and a place with full sun. Easter Egg radishes are fun because you get pink, purple, white, and red radishes all in one package. To go with your radishes get Mixed Gourmet Lettuce for lots of variety.


10. If you do have a outdoor garden, be sure to grow mini pumpkins, like Jack Be Little and Baby Boo!! You can actually eat these, but I like to use them for Halloween decorations.


11. If you have a lot of garden space, grow mixed gourds!! My kids love them. If you have a cool, dry space to keep them after harvesting, they will dry and make really fun rhythm instruments. A word of warning: put your gourds on the edge of the garden. They can take over a big area if you're having a good garden year.


12. A classic activity is growing grass seed. Decorate a styrofoam or plastic cup with a face, using paper, paint, or these face bits. Fill with a few pebbles for drainage and soil. Sprinkle grass seed and cover with a light layer of soil. The idea is that the grass grows and looks like hair. If it gets too long you can cut it with scissors.



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