In Germany, the Christmas tree is a popular tradition. This tradition began in the Middle Ages when folks would decorate evergreen boughs with apples. As time passed, candles, cookies, blown glass ornaments, and paper cornucopias were added to the decorations.


Gingerbread people and houses, pfefferneuse cookies, and cinnamon star cookies are special Christmas treats in Germany.


On December 6, Weihnachtsmann walks the streets on the night of the 6th and leaves presents in the children's shoes which they have left "outside" their door. If they were bad he leaves switches or coal. If they were good he leaves candy and goodies.


On Christmas Eve Mothers and Fathers decorate the tree. The children then come into the room to open their presents. December 25 is a family day.



Here is some crafts you might enjoy

to celebrate a German Christmas:


Make a Gingerbreadhouse

Make a Paper Cornucopia Ornament



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