In the Seventeenth century the Puritans did not celebrate Christmas. December 25 was a workday.


In the late 1700's, Christmas was once again a happy holiday. The Colonists decorated their fireplaces with greenery, sung carols, and feasted. No one, however, had a Christmas tree.


In 1823 Clement Moore wrote the poem "A Visit From St. Nicholas." Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus began to play a big part in the celebration of Christmas.


In the 1840's. German immigrants introduced the Christmas tree. This decoration became a major part of the Christmas tradition.


In the 1890's, Victorians decorated their trees and homes with lots of lace, flowers, and glass ornaments. Sending Christmas cards became popular during this time.


Today, we combine old and new traditions to celebrate Christmas in a way that is meaningful to our family and friends.



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